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How to port forward with IPv6?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by toString, 29 Jan 2020.

  1. toString


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    Location: London

    My ISP (Hyperoptic) now only gives CGNAT an no more static IPv4's (unless you pay). It does however offer IPv6.

    This is what I used to do:


    Question is how can you achieve this with IPv6? Is my supplied router not up to this task? Seems that IPv6 was long awaited and promises of everything being connected, but I'm just not getting it.. lol

    Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Caged


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    You're fundamentally misunderstanding IPv6. There is no port forwarding, the public range assigned to you by Hyperoptic is given directly to the devices on your LAN, and you open up ports and protocols through your firewall as required.
  3. bremen1874


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    If you're using IPv6 do you need to port forward? You should have enough available IPv6 addresses to provide every device with a fully routable IP address without requiring NAT.

    Edit: beaten to it.