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HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition Adds Face And Eye-Tracking, Coming In 2021

Discussion in 'Virtual Reality' started by Dano, 30 Sep 2020.

  1. Dano


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  2. Zeeflyboy

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    i doubt they'll do anything with the controllers for this as it's squarely aimed at enterprise for which the controllers are arguably fine and hand tracking is probably preferred for the majority of use cases.

    The interesting thing is the eye tracking is also being used for dynamic foveated rendering, so will be interesting to see how well it works here. I do wonder if they have any ability to add modules to the consumer G2 in the same way Pimax are offering eye tracking upgrades etc.

    Anyone want to place bets on how stupidly expensive this will be? I'll go with $2500 to kick off.
  3. Mr_Sukebe

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    On the question of Foveated rendering, do we know if that will require the apps/games in question to be coded to enable FV?
  4. Zeeflyboy

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    In this instance they appear to be using the Nvidia pipeline which requires Turing/Ampere and use of their SDK for specific game implementation. Apparently coming to unity too.

    Sadly not a driver level thing yet it seems, so yeah games need to actively implement the feature for now.