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HTC Desire deals

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Shimmy, 4 Jun 2010.

  1. Shimmy

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    Hi there,

    I've been with Orange for 5+ years and not usually gone with smart phones (currently have a 6700 classic). My contract is up for renewal and I fancy a smart phone now as they seem quite accomplished and useful for internet browsing amongst other things. And if I don't like I'll sell it and stay happy with my 6700 classic.

    So with that in mind, anyone know what deals are best atm? Also which networks are good with internet data, how are orange? I'm going to be ringing orange later today so would like to be armed with as much ammunition as possible.

    Cheers :)
  2. lawz


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    being with T mobile for 2 years allowed me to get a Desire for £26 a month, 2 year contract, 900 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet (3 gb fair use but your NOT capped or charged if you go over, but it would be stupidly hard to anyway) and the phone free.

    I'd push for a 16 gb card as well (but get the computer connection software off the original card first).

    Just an idea for what you could expect.
  3. Nick1881


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    I read that Orange have 500mb or 750mb depending on the tariff. O2 Have the best data plan I think, though Voda seem to have better deals on the Desire, also you can get cash back with Quidco.
  4. iamtheoneneo


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    im on o2 , got mine on day of release for £30 a month (24 months) , phone was reduced to £20, unlimited data and texts , 800 mins and free bluetooth headset.

    not bad or great really but everyone is being stingy.
  5. Robbo

    Capo Crimine

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    Look at Mobilephonesdirect, they have insanely good T-Mobile deals for the Desire.

    Mobiles.co.uk have very good deals on Orange too, so you could maybe try and get them to match that?

    I'd leave Orange and go with T-Mobile/O2 if you can though, far far better. (Obviously ignore this if you don't have any T-Mobile/O2 coverage where you are, but you should :p)

    I wouldn't go within a country mile of Vodafone. God awful.
  6. Jono8


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    Im on orange and with some persuasion I upgraded to the Desire on the Panther 30 talk plan for only £22.50 a month.
  7. ins0mn1ac


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    Just got mine @ £25pm 300mins/unlmtd txts + 500mb with Orange.
  8. Tachyon

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    Location: Same oul' town

    Haven't had a contract phone in maybe over 15 years so I'm not very familiar at all with current prices or the ins and outs of them.

    Quidco offer £50 cash back at mobiles.co.uk so was looking there and seen this bundle on Orange.

    FREE HTC Desire
    £18.75 Equivalent Monthly Cost
    300 Mins + Unlimited Texts
    Plus 500 MB Data

    The monthly cost is actually £25 but due to a redemption offer (which states you have to send a copy of your bill in at certain points over the contract period.) I'm assuming this deal is ok if I stick to their terms regarding the redemption.
    Have no clue about internet usage on phones so don't know if the 500MB Data is enough or not.
  9. griffo_001

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    Redemptions are a pain, so many hoops to jump through, you may be better off paying slightly more and not getting it, its way too much hassle

    500MB is the bare minimum offered by networks these days. Assuming you have WiFi at home and work and don't plan on spending all day on youtube it should be ok. By contrast T Mob do 3GB fair usage, O2 claim to offer truly unlimited internet with a 20GB fair usage.
  10. Jamesbcd


    Joined: 2 Feb 2009

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    Location: Leicester

    I'd go with T-Mobile for £25 a month with 3GB Internet. Saves you sending off bills for redemption and you get a better plan for data.
  11. IceWind


    Joined: 8 Aug 2008

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    bah T-Mobile are a joke now compared to what they used to be like.