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I don't know diddly squat about Mountain Biking

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by Ricochet J, 7 Jun 2006.

  1. Ricochet J


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    I've got a Bicyle. I ride it alot, but have cut down since exams.
    My last exam is on Friday and after that i'm going to rape it again. Judge for yourself but it's a:
    Universal Stinger (God knows what that is)
    "Extreme Brake Calipers" (They look pretty much the same to me)
    3 Big Gears at the pedals. 5 Smaller ones at the rear
    Front and rear suspension
    Yellow in colour

    When I ride it down outdoor steps I feel the bike is lacking. When I go over major humps and bumps, it just lacks. The front suspension goes fully down, the rear bounces a bit too much and the rear and front wheels are wobbly. When I turn the bike on its back and turn the wheels myself free handed I see that it wobbles from side to side but is actually stable at the nuts. But because it wobbles it scrapes against the brake pads.

    Well I guess what I am asking in this thread is multiple questions:
    1) Any advice to improve my bike (£50)
    2) Where can I learn more about bikes? Or even joun a club (East London)
    3) (This is an extremely vague question) How much am I looking at for a bike for me? I'm 17, love biking up/down bumps and don't want to spend thousands.

    V. sorry is this has been done multiple times.

    Thanks :)
  2. semi-pro waster

    Man of Honour

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    1) For £50 the best thing I think you could do with your bike is take it to a local bike shop and get the wheels 'trued' and serviced as it sounds like it has taken a bit of abuse and the wheels are dished or out of true. You might also want the brake pads replace and the chainset oiled.

    You might be able to adjust the pre-load on the suspension or use a heavier weight oil to slow down the rate at which the suspension moves but realistically the bike isn't much good unfortunately so it may be throwing good money after bad.

    2) Magazines can help a bit, take a look at www.mbuk.com as they are probably the best magazine around for MTBs or they were last time I looked. They may also have listings of some clubs on the website, they certainly do in the magazine. Other than that I'd have a look in your local bike shop(s), they may have noticeboards about other clubs and some might even offer basic bike maintenance classes.

    3) I'd suggest budgeting around £3-400 as a minimum to get a decent hard-tail, full suspension bikes at this sort of price range generally aren't worth it. Once you reach maybe £5-600 then you can start looking full suspension. You really need to go for a test ride on a bike to see if it suits you though as just giving you a list of suitable bikes isn't the answer without seeing if you can get on with them.
  3. #Chri5#


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    1) Save your money towards a new bike
    2) www.bikemagic.com has good content on servicing, bike equipment and a busy forum. www.singletrackworld.com has a busy forum and gear reviews
    3) This is one of the deals of the moment for me @ £630. Alternatively, if you want something more for messing around on (jumps and stuff), then consider a jump / slalom bike like this as they are built heavier to withstand the abuse.
  4. Ricochet J


    Joined: 29 Jun 2004

    Posts: 12,890

    Thanks for the replies. I will check out the links you two gave me
  5. Slinwagh


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    i have just bought the Giant XTC SE 2006 model for £400

    I tried to get the 2007 model but couldn't find any in stock.

    For the £400 pound everyone i have spoken too says its a cracking bike for that money.