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I have three soundcards! How many should I install?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by alexjholland, 4 Jul 2007.

  1. alexjholland


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    Hey, I have three soundcards on my laptop, which is now going to be used pretty much EXCLUSIVELY for music production, because as soon as I started to venture into letting it do a few fun things, one program turns into ten and it all falls to pieces..

    I have just destructive reformatted, and am slowly building up essentials..

    I have:

    - Laptop built in soundcard, not sure what, but it uses Realtek drivers.
    - Creative Notebook Audigy 2Zs
    - EMU 1616M (High end music production card with breakout box).

    I have already decided I will not install my creative notebook, as that is simply for gaming, which is an uneccessary luxury I can save for my desktop, but simply to use the built in laptop speakers, the motherboard soundcard I would quite like to install, let me explain the history..

    - First got laptop with creative, had that AND motherboard soundcard, and experience regular blue screens when I switched between them or tweaked.

    - Second, I had NO motherboard drivers installed, but had creative card AND EMU installed. - This was more stable, but pretty sluggish, and I STILL couldn't use internal speakers (despite creative update claiming I could).

    Basically, my priority above anything else, is to have a slick, stable base for music production, if I can have my internal speakers working for the odd web browsing that would be convenient, but I would sacrifice it for my music.

    So the creative card is completely unneccessary I think, my two questions are:

    A) Do you think installing this realtek compatible card is a good idea, and how
    likely is it that uninstalling them would entirely remove any issues that arise?

    B) Are there any better drivers than the standard reaktek ones that work with XP Media Centre Edition, I have heard you guys reference perhaps NVIDIA ones?

    Would appreciate any advice and thoughts on the issue..

    Thanks, Alex
  2. alexjholland


    Joined: 8 Oct 2006

    Posts: 323

    Oi! Help please!