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I need a True dolby digital/DTS sound card

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by mazza7282, 27 Jan 2006.

  1. mazza7282

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    Last time I opened a thread like this I was told to get one of those HDA expansions to add onto my audigy 2 card, which I have done to get an optical interface. I used to own the audigy drivebay until i sold it out of non use.

    When i got that little HDA expansion thing i was hoping for the blue light to light up on my amplifier which says "Multichannel decoding", i tried a load of settings to get it to work but turns out its not a dolby card at all :(

    Same with my motherboard, that has optical in and outs but thats not true dolby either, and my motherboard as the VIA chipset.

    I used to own a Abit NF7-S which was an amazing board and that gave me true dolby digital and made the light up, just like it did on my shuttle and they both used the NFORCE 2 chipset.

    Silly mistake to get a board with VIA because i thought ahh i aint gonna be too bothered, although my first choice was an NForce 4 chipset.

    Ill change my board if I have to, but i was wondering is there an "actual" card out there that has true dolby digital live and or DTS data streams to enable me to get multichannel in my music on my stack system ?

    Thanks a bunch
  2. PieMaster

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    HDA X-Mystique and the Turtle Beach Montego DDL will do dolby digital in real time.
  3. tom_nieto


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    I remember this supposed addition card. I thought it was common knowlegde that it didn't actually give true DD.

    The HDA mystique and the turtle beach cards are the ones that you want.
  4. Phil99


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    I think OcUK are meant to be getting the HDAs back in February, or so I've read on here.
  5. mazza7282

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    Joined: 6 Feb 2003

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    I wasnt too sure, i mean i read about the audigy did dolby 7.1 but now i realise thats not obviously the case.
    The Audigy and add on cards, gotta go.