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I need guru guidance

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by WantoN, 14 Oct 2009.

  1. WantoN


    Joined: 11 Jun 2003

    Posts: 10,681

    Location: Hampshire

    Hey chaps,
    Met an awesome guy at work today who works for AMD. Told me about my X2 3800+ cpu and he turned round and told me 'we can do better than that' and he'd hook me up :eek: Thought nothing of it until he came in the other day and informed me he was bringing an FX60 processor in for me, what a legend.

    Anyway, few questions from the bods.

    What's a good cooler to use? Quiet is the key, I'm not a big overclocker.
    How much resetup is involved?
    Is this cpu much better than my current one?

    My rig is:
    3800+ X2 (to be replaced with said FX60)
    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe motherboard
    2 x 1GB modules G.Skill ram
    ATI x1800

    Ant :cool: