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i78 8700 dropping speed and voltage during benchmarks and gaming :(

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Fubsy08, 24 Apr 2018.

  1. Fubsy08


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    Hi all,

    I have a problem and its probably something simple but as this is my first pc upgrade in a while the BIOS/UEFI has waaay to many options lol, Could someone tell me is this problem caused by a setting issue or a problem with the CPU itself as its driving me up the wall, I wanted the non K model because at the time I thought well i've always brought the K models but never actually overclocked them, not knowing at the time that the non k model is actually clocked lower, but its still pretty decent when it doesnt start throttling itself anyway.

    I have recorded a video of the issue and put it on youtube if anyone could help It would be greatly

  2. Hagar


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    Do you have MCE enabled. all core turbo?

    You are hitting the Max TDP limit on the i7-8700 (65W). It is going to 92W+ then resetting to 65W on the package.

    This is just my 2c worth as I do not have that CPU. What motherboard?

    EDIT If the voltage settings are on auto, you may try reducing voltages, undervolting. Some motherboards provide higher voltage.
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  3. MrRobot


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    Its probably hitting the TDP wall - so you need to up the TDP,but make sure the motherboard has good enough VRMs and that you have good enough cooling.