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ICE - advice needed

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Six6siX, 3 May 2006.

  1. Six6siX


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    Hey, just after a bit of advice about what the next step should be for me. I started out upgrading - working from the front, back. But just need some advice about amps/subs, as in what I need etc

    At the moment,
    Car is a 306 D Turbo (phase 1)
    Headunit: Panasonic CQ-RDP383N (mp3/cdr/rw/4x50W/pre-outs etc)
    Fronts: JBL GTO 6506C components
    Rear: Standard parcel shelf speakers.

    Wanting to fit a sub and obviously an amp to power it, ideally. I'd like some rear speakers - possibly some basic coaxials - just so rear passengers aren't just getting excess bass. What sort of amp and sub do I need to be looking at?

    Also, will the headunit be sufficient to power the components up front with the amp doing the rear?

    Any other suggestions?

    Oh, and I listen to a wide range of music - but most of the time its rock based.