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ICE advice

Discussion in 'Motors' started by gobbo, 9 Jun 2006.

  1. gobbo


    Joined: 25 Dec 2002

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    Looking at getting an amp and sub soon, with the possibility of front components a later date.

    Due to this, i've decided a 4 channel amp + 12" sub would be best solution, bridge two channels for sub, and run other two for front components.

    Sub is/will be a 12" Infinity Ref jobbie, 300w RMS and front components will likely be 90(ish)w RMS.

    Idealy i'd like to spend around £150-£200, and i've currently been looking at Magnat Phantom 4000 (380w RMS @ 2ohm / 640w RMs @ 4ohm)

    Has anyone used this amp, or got anything similar that they could recomend.

    Thanks! :)
  2. Dup


    Joined: 10 Mar 2006

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    Location: East Lancs

    For £200ish you can get an Infinity Ref sub, 6x9's and GBL GTO 75.4 4 channel Amp. Sell the 6x9's new on ebay and then get the front components.

    With this you get the box and the wiring kit. From a well known etailer.

    I have this package and It works well for me in my 206.
  3. Vanilla


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  4. monkeyspank


    Joined: 26 Dec 2003

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    Location: cambs UK

    I would get the front sorted out first as well. Depends what size comps you can get in there really. Some decent 6.5" speakers in the front would give you enough bass for now. especially if you hook them up to a 4 channel amp (that JBL amp is great for the money). You could bridge it into 2 channels for loads of power. Or if you wanted to you could run a set of component speakers actively with one channel for each cone, using the amps high pass and low pass filters instead of the one that comes with the speakers. This would be harder to set up.

    When you've got some more money then look at subs.

    A JBL amp and a set of these would set you back about £200. Wiring kits are available on ebay for about a tenner.

    Don't scrimp on the front speakers. What sort of music do you like?
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  5. gobbo


    Joined: 25 Dec 2002

    Posts: 2,862

    Music wise, anything really. Rock/Punk/Rap/Hip-Hop/Indie, anything but R'n'B/Hard Dance etc.

    I can fit 6.5" components in the front of my Primera, atm i've got some Infinity 2 ways in the front, and some Kenwood 2 ways in the rear, powered off the head unit.