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Idiotic Bikers

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Scarfacé, 24 Jan 2006.

  1. Scarfacé

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    Why are there so many bikers out there with a deathwish?

    You always hear them moaning about car drivers who don't pay attension/see them etc... but at the weekend I had many encounters with total idiots on fast bikes.

    Example would be... going around a long, blind bend... up hill, low sun pointing up the hill, can't really see that much. I'm overtaking a slower car, check my mirror hear an engine screaming... a bike comes behind me then undertakes me doing speeds which must of been in excess of 90mph. If I'd of had music on loud or something, I might of pulled in on him. Now, in the eyes of the law it would of been my fault... with it being a blind bend and he was travelling at such speed, he was there and gone in half a second. (I then saw him proceed to overtake a long line of cars in between them and the cars coming head on).

    Also, a few weeks back, going down a single carriageway... about 5 cars coming down, bike pulls out and starts overtaking them all! As soon as I saw him pull out I slammed on my brakes to a stand still, he managed to get back in (pretty closely). Totally unbelievable. He was obviously looking out to commit suicide that day.

    Another one was getting overtaken whilst pulling up to a junction...

    The other thing that gets on my nerves... you're creeping along in traffic, then they fly past you as if it's a clear road... doing 50mph+...

    I'm constantly checking my mirrors, out of habbit... but I can't be expected to account for the stupidity of a biker riding dangerously.

    80% of them are no trouble at all, they ride properly and make themselves seen. The other 20% don't seem to understand how vunerable they are... yet they'll be the first to blame car drivers for not paying attension, being idiots, not checking their mirrors etc.
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  2. 4T5

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    From my own experience and as an Old Dude i can say that i never went out on my bike with the intention of giving it some. Quite the reverse, It would be a nice day and i would get the urge for a Cruise so would get suited and booted telling myself that i am going out for a gentle ride in the sun.
    Gently wheel my bike out front and swing my leg over. Then 100yards down the road i am dropping into 3rd and Blasting by whatever piece of carp metal is Blocking me. :p
    I would act like a 17 year old again and feel about 12 it was ***** Marvelous. :D Red lining in every gear i would just totally cane it until i went on reserve (scarey in the fast lane flat out) or felt the Front tyre give round a bend. I don't mind the back tyre sliding a bit but when the front slides i Absolutely Carp myself. :(
    So what can i say i am an Adult (not a clever one mind) my intentions were good but childlike primal urges come over some peeps when on a bike.
    Dont start giving me the Death carp either as i have lost many friends to Bikes. Not long ago a Very good friend Liam R.I.P. (Bronco) got killed on his Gittza1000 doing 42mph ffs. :mad:
    I literally knocked on his door to have his wife open the door in tears just after the event. Gutted so be warned personally this touches me.

    Nowadays after killing my bike after a record breaking trip to my daughters and back down south i Know i cannot ride a bike Safely so Don't.
    If i see a bike i get out the way sharpish use my indicators heavily and hope he don't kill himself against my car.
    One thing i do know is thrashing the bejesus out of a bike is one of the few things you can do that really excites you. All sorts of chemicals go rushing round your body and its All natural.
    I would suggest to those young dudes out there that want to feel alive but Stay alive is get a Track bike and Do Track days. You would be surprised how cheap it can be. Living locally to Mallory lots of friends do a bit of Trackday racing. Just get yourself an old 250LC and go Proddy racing.
    Cheap as chips Great fun and Almost safe.
  3. Fr0dders


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    i posted about this as one of my pet hates

    some of them really do treat the gaps inbetween the traffic as their own private 50 mph lane. Totally disregarding any sense and doing stupid speeds just because they can.

    they think that just because they're riding a sports bike, that they're god and can overtake anything and everything and know no bounds of reality, frequently having to cut back into traffic when they realise they've bit off more than they can chew.

    Bikers who stay in the traffic flow, and filter through stationary traffic at lights / ques i have no problem with

    those that drive like they are on TV i have a problem with. I know there are motorists who drive like this too, and i hate them just as much

    just seems the percentage of nit wit bike riders is much higher than percentage nit wit motorists.