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IGN and PS3 : Biased media?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Needles, 25 Mar 2006.

  1. Needles

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    i dont think you can do a direct comparison betweeb 2 web sites reviews and the conclusion is one is Pro SOny. Maybe the other conclusion would be Gaming Age are Anti Sony?
    If i seen the same thing with maybe 4 reviews, 3 said the same thing and IGN's was a glowing praise, then yeah i would believe it was biased, but with only each other going head to head, either one could be biased.
  3. XPE


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    I dont think it be fair to paint all the staff at etheir ign or gaming age with the same brush, just because one of thier staff is pro or anti sony.

    Also the point about ign partner gamespy is supplying the online for ps3 and there for would be biasd in some way towords the PS3 doesnt hold water because gamespy also do nintendo online.
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  4. Chads


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    So it doesn't hold water because they are "doing" Nintendo Online? This is a multi-billion dollar industry, you will have to provide a little more detail before analysing a company's goals, motivations and profit projections in one off-hand comment.
  5. DaveyD

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    It doesn't really matter to me personally, as IGN, Gamespot, anything, they're all opinion based anyway, along with any review, preview, and even technical details are biased in some form or another, so comparing just two small articles doesn't really hold that much water in the debate, as it could have been written by one, overexcited, sugared up IGN reporter, and one hungover GA reporter :p

    I can make my own opinions about if games / consoles are worth buying. I know Sony will do whatever they can to build up the Hype around their console. And it's a good thing for Sony, as it works. Wether or not everything lives up to the Hype at the end of the year, will be down to opinion again, but I do hope it does.
  6. XPE


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    isnt that what forum posts are for ?
  7. Phil99


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    It'd also be in their interests to promote Nintendo stuff in a similar way then...as long as they convince you to buy a product/subscription with the end result being profit for them they aren't going to care...doesn't matter if it's Nintendo or Sony, as long as it's not a platform they aren't involved in!

    Agreed with Jumpurs; the comparison site might be anti-sony, I really don't know.

    I just can't wait for some real gameplay footage to hit the internet so we can start forming our own opinions instead of media reviews and prerendered movies!
  8. NokkonWud


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    It is a little bit suspicious, and IGN are a major company, however, they will soon be found out if they review above and beyond what other sites give games.

    It may be less noticable if they opt to lower Xbox360 game marks.
  9. Weebull


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    So what though? If they end up becoming inherently PS3-biased, most non-diehard-Sony-fanboys will just pick somewhere else to read their games reviews and news, and they'll end up losing readers because of it. Then, being run by a large corporate entity, they'll either be happy to accept kickbacks from Sony and lose viewers, or will actually change their ways and grow more unbiased again.

    That and, as said, it's just opinion at the end of the day. Maybe they just like the look of the PS3.
  10. TheMagicPirate

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    The PS3 section of IGN is written by fanboys of Sony. Just like the 360 section is written by 360 nuts.