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IKBC MF87 or Realforce 87U

Discussion in 'Gaming Peripherals' started by jwilliamson47, 4 Jul 2018.

  1. jwilliamson47

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    I'm looking for a high-end keyboard and slimmed it down to two options providing the ANSI layout doesn't pose any problems. The budget is 150.

    The first keyboard is by IKBC has a CNC aluminium body, Cherry MX Brown switches, and thick PBT keycaps with RGB lighting.

    The Realforce 87U is plastic with a steel plate, no lighting and a simpler design. The keys are PBT but the thickness is reduced. Additionally, this board uses expensive Topre 55g switches which are quite polarising but loved by certain typists.

    Both keyboards are around the £150 mark. However, the IKBC is brand new while the Realforce is used.

    One slight factor to take into consideration is the Realforce's grey legend on black caps which could be difficult to read. I'm not a proficient touch typist and tend to make mistakes when not concentrating. Also, the letters need to be looked at for uncommon commands and finding the center of the keyboard.

    My eyesight isn't brilliant either so the stealth look of the Realforce may inhibit the typing speed.

    Which of these options would you recommend?
  2. Hades


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    I don't know the IKBC keyboard but I've been researching he Realforce recently. I think it really comes down to whether you want cherry brown switches or topre switches. Apparently they do feel different.

    You can get the Realforce in the UK for £210 new I'm both UK and US layout. I believe the black version is hard to see and would get the cream version. The Realforce is meant to be a great keyboard.