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Immigration essay help please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Killa_ken, 31 Jul 2006.

  1. Killa_ken


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    basically im applying for a scholarship, heres the question:

    Q)what do you think of the immigration policys employed in your country , are they too leanient , too stringent or precsely where they need to be - 500 words

    heres what i've written just wondering if you lot could have a read through tell me what you think ect.

    Immigration Policies UK
    The united kingdom is well known amongst the European unions for its extremely generous welfare and benefits system. These perks have caught the eye of many countries with in the EU and have caused a severe influx of immigrants to the United Kingdom. EU policy states that any member of the European Union is free to move to any other EU country with out the need to apply for immigrant status. This policy means that the UK has suffered with many eastern European immigrants entertaining their right to live in England.
    The UK has a very generous benefits system, it offers council housing by which the government offers heavily subsidised and even free housing for certain people. It offers a wide variety of people with a weekly income, such as incapacity benefit and job seekers allowance. It has a completely free healthcare service called the NHS where by no payment is required for any treatment , however drugs brought from a pharmacy must be paid for, however even these are heavily subsidised.

    The result of this rise of immigrants has created many problems within the British community. Not only socially but politically as well. There ethnic communities grouping in certain parts of the country creating social divides and increasing racism as well as discouraging cultural mixing. many of the immigrants are paid well below the UK’s minimum wage and hence employers prefer to use them over the native people. The effects of this are devastating on the British economy not only are wages reduced but the drain of welfare funds results in an increase in taxes. So not only do we have people earning less but they are also paying more to the government. With England being such a small island the increasing numbers of people who are choosing to live there has caused a demand for more housing , which in turn has meant that the landscapes and countryside that England is infamous for are being destroyed to make way for these housing units.

    As can be clearly seen the effects of immigration can also be seen in the terrible attacks of 7/7 where several locations within London where bombed. A rise in immigration inevitably causes an increase in terrorist threat.

    <conclusion here>

    thanks :)
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  2. Borris


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    Good luck with that.
  3. Puzzled


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    You can't say terrorism is caused by immigrants, that's "The Sun" sort of material. :p

    Go on more about the economic effects.

    For example, immigrants come here to work legally but often send money back home to their families. So they are taking from this country, but tend not to put much back in as their spending will be limited.
  4. daz


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    You should compare the various welfare systems of EU states (as well as citing sources for evidence).

    You need to look at other economic reasons for moving - not all immigrants are spongers you know. ;)
    UK's economy is very strong at the moment, with lots of jobs available. The UK is also a very good place to setup business, with less government intervention and lower taxes, than France, for example.

    The UK also tends to be welcoming regarding other cultures, again, compare the UK to France.

    Are you sure the reason for the 7/7 bombings is not the UK's foreign policy with regards to Iraq?

    This appears to be conjecture - the UK economy appears to be doing relatively well at the moment. You can't say immigration is devestating the UK's economy without backing it up!

    There is lots of countryside left in the UK - immigrants tend to move to the larger centres of population - London, Manchester, Birmingham. You've also used "infamous" wrongly.

    I don't want to be overly critical, but you need to do some research, write an essay plan and start again from scratch if you want this scholarship. :)
  5. Arcade Fire


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    You don't seem to know the difference between 'immigrants', 'illegal immigrants' and 'asylum seekers'.

    It's simply not true that immigrants all sponge off the welfare state and put nothing back in. In fact, a recent study showed that the average (legal) immigrant to the UK pays more tax and receives less from the welfare state than does the average native. This is to say nothing of illegal immigrants, however.

    Agreed. At the moment I wouldn't give you the chance to lick my boots, let alone a hefty scholarship.
  6. blueCAT


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    Apologies to be overly critical too - this isn't a personal attack in any way. You have a great opportunity to present intelligent debate and discussion. It's a good question. Your answer however, is one sided, riddled with conjecture and opinion. It lacks evidence, is immature and lacks research.

    At 500 words, every sentence counts. You need to start again, research each statement you've recklessly written and come to a balanced and reasoned conclusion derived from your analysis. They're not looking for the right answer, and certainly not your misguided opinion. They'll be looking for you to investigate, think, reason and reach a conclusion yourself.

    Edit: ...and throw in the references at the end, they shouldn't count to your word count. Do it Harvard style.
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  7. Lagz

    Wise Guy

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    Last time I looked immigrants were good for the economy because we have a shortage of people willing to take on the low paid 'unskilled labour' type of jobs which many immigrants take.

    I thought all the London bombers had British nationality, so what has this got to do with immigration. . . (fair enough they may have been descendents from immigrants, but your point looks a bit silly - immigration had very little to do with these attacks).

    Although your essay is fairly well written, it seems full of factual inaccuracies and statements which are not backed up. To be honest it looks like you have made most of it up based on what you have read in various sensationalist newspaper reports.
  8. Vonhelmet


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    What difference? They're all foreign, right?

    </Daily Mail>
  9. DB_SamX


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    I whole-heartedly agree on that. Your essay is very one-sided.

    To OP: From an immigrant's point of view, a lot of things don't apply to me. My parents and I went through all the right channels, immigrating here as there were vacancies that couldn't be filled by the local population. My parents and I earn nowhere near the minimum wage as we have studied/worked hard and we all pay our taxes, hence pumping back into the economy. Not to mention that many people are emigrating to Australia, Spain, USA, Canada these days. GD's got something about that every week.
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  10. daz


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  11. Borris


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    I won't comment on the content, but the structure. You have not evidenced anything that you have written, and it appears to be based entirely on supposition and hearsay, and not in fact.

    Neither have you paid much attention to the question asked - You have not even demonstrated that you know what the UK's policy is on immigration actually is, and have certainly not pulled that knowlege into a cohesive arguement.
  12. dirtydog


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    I am strongly opposed to mass immigration but I think the OP is largely mistaken in what he says. I can accept that most immigrants come here to work and pay taxes, and not to claim benefits, but that in itself doesn't mean that they aren't a net burden and a net negative to the country.

    For more detail I suggest some light reading :p