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import VAT

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bottletop, 2 Mar 2006.

  1. bottletop

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    I got a friend in the states to order a bow sight for me and ship it to me by UPS. It cost about $35, but when it was delivered yesterday I had to pay an extra £21.75 cash-on-delivery which consisted of £10.75 import VAT and £11 brokerage surcharges.

    The charges seem totally steep, so is there any way I can claim back what I must have overpaid?
  2. Rotty


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    the surcharges are a flat fee unfortunately and are charged by the courier company to colect the tax and pay it on your behalf , it may be a bit steep but you haven't actually been overcharged

    The VAT / Duty amount is calculated on the item cost and the shipping costs

    you can't get it back , sorry
  3. bottletop

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    bah. cheers rotty
  4. Raymond Lin

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    I don't like UPS because of that Surcharge rubbish, the tax is fair enough for just as much "admin" charge is just unreasonable.
  5. iv-tecman


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    It also depends on the goods, as import duty, tax and fees are calculated on package weight and the type of goods being imported.

    I regularly get imports from Japan, I had a shipment for 9.800 yen, about 44, got charge £11.25. I had another package, from the same supplier for about the same value and I didn’t pay a thing.

    It’s a lottery with importing from other countries. One thing many do, is mark the item as gift, but if it’s not a gift, and you, as in the receiver are found to be getting the item from someone you ordered the item from, and it’s not a gift you can be prosecuted. Not the sender, but you as the receiver will be fined.

    This is why when I import, I have my items marked up correctly, and not de-valued. The suppliers I import from in Japan do this anyhow, as they are honest, and so am I. TBH, even with import and VAT charges, it always works out cheaper for me, as the items I get imported are a rip off in the UK, they overcharge in this country for my hobby..

    I had a website, but lost the link. It has the VAT and import charges to expect. I’ll have to search it back out again, it was a worthwhile read.
  6. lozza23_uk

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    i bought some stuff the other day.
    40 dollars. £7.62 to pay import duty.

    so I give the money to my post room, and they went this morning to get it for me (loads of inward outward post from my building)

    they wont give it to my postroom I need to go with ID.
    but they are only open 7-12pm weekdays. how bad is that!!!

    not like I am in the sticks or anything...I am in brentford!!!
    means I now have to forgo my lunch to DRIVE to pick up my "DELIVERED" item, and fight the a4 traffic. rubbish.