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Impressive driving at Shanghai circuit - Cadillac day

Discussion in 'Motors' started by taximike, 1 Jun 2010.

  1. taximike


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  2. thepeteh

    Wise Guy

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    speed up videos of pap american cars ftl.
  3. ZG002


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    Boring tbh

  4. Fr0dders


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    somebody saw the red arrows display and thought "wouldnt that be cool with cars ...."

    no, no it wont.
  5. mjt


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  6. GravyMonster


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    The sad thing is, there was probably more people there than for the Chinese GP.

    Although admittedly most probably work for GM and would have had their houses burned down, children taken away and removed from existence if they didn't go.
  7. -TA-


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    Saab to the rescue!

    that Cadillac day looked dire.
  8. matthab


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    The americans are trying very hard to gain popularity in Asia and Europe.