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Info - PGR3 Online Career Rank has been reset.

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by BurningHorizons, 7 May 2006.

  1. BurningHorizons

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    Just to let those of you who don't know, know - the online career ranking system has been reset.
    I'm in league 1 in 900th position for the first (and probably last) time!
    It seems to choose players for you that are similarly ranked, where as before ii was pretty random. I think they've also changed the way TruSkill works too.
    Car Class also now changes daily for those who haven't played for the last month.
    All in all it's a lot better than way back at launch. That is apart from the touchy Americans!
    Having a good time with is this afternoon.
    Give it a go, especially if you haven't played in a while.
    BH :)


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    again?? they only reset it last month!
    couldnt get a game for love or money at one point aswell because of it