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Installing 2 OS's

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Tens, 19 Feb 2006.

  1. Tens


    Joined: 22 Nov 2004

    Posts: 326

    Old rig I am wanting to install windows xp and linux, I am not sure how to go about this as i have never done it before but i have a feeling its pretty simple and therefor just checking.

    Do i just install XP and then install linux to same drive/partition.

    Will this automaticall bring up that menu on boot of all the different OS's that are able to run and give me a choice which i would like?

    ps. I have 2 identical hard drives and is possible to install each os to each drive but its not the way i want to do it.
  2. Siders77


    Joined: 5 Nov 2005

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    Location: Yate, Bristol

    I thought that Linux was just a CD that you plonked in the drive and didn't need to install?

    Maybe I'm just being silly. :confused:
  3. Etaqua


    Joined: 25 Nov 2005

    Posts: 478

    There are a few versions of Linux which you don't need to install, they are called LiveCD Linux distros (Knoppix, for example), but for the vast majority, you will need to install them to a partition.

    When you insert your Linux CD, your computer will boot off it, giving you the options of installing, upgrading an old version of the distro and partitioning your hard drive.

    What you want to do is create another partitions for Linux to install on. The swap partition (Linux version of Page File) you create during installation can usually be set to memory*2.

    The Linux installer will ask you which boot loader to use - LInuxLOader or GRUB. This will allow you to select which OS you want to run each time you boot up.

    Installing Linux isn't the hardest thing to do, but sometimes problems occur, like the deletion of HAL.dll, so it is a good idea to back up before you begin installing.

    Out of experience, it is a VERY good idea to back up. I never make back ups, but if I ever decided to install Linux again, I would do it (HAL.dll was corrupted during the install).
  4. Tens


    Joined: 22 Nov 2004

    Posts: 326

    well this is my old rig that i dont use and i got 2 empty 20gb drives, you have scared me off it now but i am planning on learning a little about linux, i think i will just install linux to 1 drive and keep the other drive spare so if i ever need it to run windows i will do it on that.