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interference when playing 360

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by ONESHOTKILL, 28 Jul 2006.



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    i keep getting this interference on my tv when playing on my 360.I have it connected to my 28 inch normal tv.I have the 360 connected using the red,white,yellow connections which connects to the side of my tv.I have my dvd player conencted using scart into back of my tv and freeview into the back of tv also.When i have 360 conencted into side of tv i and freeview box powered up i get my 360 menu but freeview is scrolling in the background and picture is terrible.I have to power off the freeview but still i get ghost picture of say bbc in the background.My tv was pretty cheap so i think its prob jsut the rubbish tv.I was thinking of buying a scart box that i can plug 3 things into and switch them on and off.I had a cheap one of these but it was useless,as i could only have one thing plugged in at one time which defeated the point of buying it.Anybody got any ideas on what i can do,apart from buying a lcd.
  2. PiKe


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    It wasnt with a Xbox 360 but I had this on a Sony television, turns out one of the scart sockets was two way, I had to change the mapping of what came out of that scart socket so it didnt ghost.

    Can't be anymore specific than that sorry.