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Internet - Weird going's on =/

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Kenjiin, 11 May 2010.

  1. Kenjiin


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    Ok I'll try and cut this long story as short as possible.

    Been using a Netgear DGN2000 for a while now. ISP is AOL, DL would always be around 6.7mbps off-peak, upload around 350kbps.

    I was happy with that, until peak times when the whole thing would just drop to stupid speeds, anyways I'm getting BE Unlimited activated next Tuesday so that a different story.

    Thing is, last friday my phone line randomly dropped. There was no dial tone, and the internet went with it. About 3-4hrs later the internet came back up, and an hr after that so did the phone.

    Ever since then though I've been having huge problems, speeds just wouldn't reach max no matter what time of the day.

    Tricky bit to explain this, I'm no tech savy so I was hoping for an answer from someone here. After that my DGN2000 has been very weird, depending on how it felt, sometimes it would just not notice when you plug an Ethernet cable in. Number 4 was the first to go, didn't matter what I plugged into it it wouldn't read. Then no. 2 went, eventually 4 came back up.

    Its been doing that since, and the thing is, say I plug this desktop into Port 2, it will connect to the net, but at STUPID speeds, speeds that won't allow me to do anything but go on MSN, as it will take around 15 mins to load a normal webpage, and will never load Speedtest.net or anything.

    Put it into Port 1 and everything is fine, a full 6.7mbps. It seems to be the only port that allows me to do anything.

    So I plugged in my old DG834G (The white one >_>) and all ports are giving full speed. Can finaly go back to having Xbox, laptop and desktop all connected and working fine at once.

    So what's happened to my DGN2000? I bought it for £85 not too long ago because the ariel snapped on my DG834G.

    Is it a case of needing a firmware update? Or... did it just die? I don't know, never heard of anything like that before.

    If anyone could shine some light on this for me it would be great :)

    (Failed at keeping it short)
  2. Locky


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    May have been work on the line or a spike which may have damaged the router

    I would post the line stats from the router.

    Also I would upload the DGteam firmware found here.


    install the O version and not the B