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Interview with Dan Werthimer

Discussion in 'TOSAH Archive' started by Sir Ulli, 24 Aug 2004.

  1. Sir Ulli


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    U.C. Berkeley SETI Chief Scientist

    Dan Werthimer is director of the SERENDIP SETI program and chief scientist of SETI@home at the University of California, Berkeley

    August, 19th, 2004
    Astroseti : Is searching for ETs still considered a matter of fools?

    Dan Werthimer : There are several powerful seti searches today, in Australia, Italy, Argentina and the USA, carried out by outstanding scientists. These scientists are not fools -- they are attempting to answer an important question, "Are we alone?".
    Astroseti : SERENDIP is the most veteran active SETI program. It began in 1979 at Hat Creek, moved several times to other telescopes and finally started working at Arecibo in 1992. It seems now you'll have to wait until the long dreamt radiotelescope is built on the dark side of the moon before moving again to a better telescope.

    Dan Werthimer : Radio astronomers are designing a new telescope, the square kilometer array (SKA), which will have the equivalent collecting area of ten arecibo telescopes, and be able to point at many places on the sky simultaneously. Model telescopes are being built and evaluated in Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, China, India and the USA.
    Astroseti : When will SERENDIP V start and how does it improve your current search?

    reasd the Full and interesting Story at Interview with Dan Werthimer
    U.C. Berkeley SETI Chief Scientist

    Sir Ulli
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    Yet another interesting read, thanks Sir Ulli :cool: