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iPhone replacement question

Discussion in 'Apple Hardware' started by Andybtsn, 9 Mar 2010.

  1. Andybtsn


    Joined: 23 Oct 2005

    Posts: 41,677

    Location: North Yorkshire


    I should be getting my iPhone swapped out in the Apple store tomorrow for a new one. The casing has cracked without me dropping it. Do I need to take all the original packaging or can I just take the phone and that's it?

  2. bigredshark

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 30 Jun 2005

    Posts: 9,516

    Location: London Town!

    I had mine replaced and I just took the phone, didn't seem to be a problem at all...
  3. Feek


    Joined: 16 Oct 2002

    Posts: 232,022

    Location: In the radio shack

    I've had a couple of phone swaps and have never needed anything else apart from the phone itself.
  4. Kawolski


    Joined: 1 Jul 2008

    Posts: 3,014

    Location: Torbados

  5. Andybtsn


    Joined: 23 Oct 2005

    Posts: 41,677

    Location: North Yorkshire

    Thanks guys
  6. jessery


    Joined: 7 May 2009

    Posts: 68

    Location: Bristol, UK

    Yeah I had the exact same issue, just took it in phone only got a 'new' one or a refurb there and then, was in and out under 20 mins.
  7. feriso


    Joined: 30 Dec 2004

    Posts: 2,872

    Location: Stoke-on-Trent

    What about all your apps/contacts/music on it?
  8. Housey

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 21 Feb 2006

    Posts: 27,332

    I got a new one last week after the backlight failed. Opened a draw FULL of small brown boxes with iPhones in them. Only phones, nothing else and simply swapped the handset.
  9. hyper_piper45


    Joined: 12 Oct 2003

    Posts: 2,706

    Location: Leicester

    Just back it up then wipe it.
  10. JamesRJ

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 9 Dec 2002

    Posts: 1,519

    Location: Somerset

    I have a 3G with at least 4 cracks on the back do you think they would swap that ?
  11. Irish_Tom


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 13,252

    Probably. They didn't seemed too phased when I asked about a replacement. The girl even asked if mine had been dropped and said it wouldn't affect whether they replaced it or not...

  12. Jimmy1983


    Joined: 1 Mar 2007

    Posts: 4,807

    Location: Portsmouth

    Like for like?
  13. Vegeta


    Joined: 6 Nov 2004

    Posts: 5,762

    I think it must cost Apple very little to change the back cover and refurb them. But yeah they have stacks of boxes of iPhones in the drawers.