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iPhone Whatsapp issue. Can't see images or videos on mobile data.

Discussion in 'Apple Hardware' started by sswats, 1 Apr 2019.

  1. sswats

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    Having a very unusual issue that's been going on for a few months.

    On 4G (EE) video and photo messages don't open. I receive the notification, the blurred image is there but doesn't download. But on WiFi no issues.
    I've been checking online for a solution usually reset network settings, or check whatsapp is able to use mobile data and both are enabled. Did a full reset and reinstalled whatsapp all with same result.

    I have taken to both EE and Apple and both say the phone and the signal is fine (although did send a new SIM with same issues).

    So any ideas what steps to take next?
  2. Bouton Aide


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    Have you got any example screenshots?

    Edit any personal information out.
  3. Kainz


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  4. rotor

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    Try installing and enabling the app and see if that makes a difference. It forces the phone to use the DNS servers no matter what connection you are on.