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iPod Dock’s, Mains Power & Firewire?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by slipd, 3 Feb 2006.

  1. slipd


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    Location: Hampshire

    Hey guys,

    Do any of you out there know what iPod dock to go for? Is it best I stick to a genuine Apple one – or are there alternatives? Any suggestions ;)

    What about a mains power charger – I’ve used USB powered devices in the past and I’ve never been convinced they’re putting out the same power that you would get from a mains plug? Correct me if I’m wrong :)

    Also, if I use a firewire interface cable instead of the supplied USB 2.0 one, will there be any noticeable transfer speed improvement – they’re obviously available for a reason?

    I’m trying to order all my accessories before my iPod arrives :D

    I can’t wait!


  2. Caged


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    If it's a video iPod or a nano then you can't use FireWire.
  3. Big Spender

    Wise Guy

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    indeed, you only get the usb cable for the video, as for the mains adapter, i got one from woolies, not made by apple, but by a company called capdase, its simply just a plug with a usb port on it, but the good thing about this one is that it has an adaptor for basically every country, only cost ~£10 if my memory is correct (which its probably not) but its definetly worth a look :)
  4. SexyGreyFox

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    If you were thinking about using your IPOD in different rooms then I bought one of these each for my daughters IPOD's - LOGIC3 SPECTRA IP106 I-STATION.
    They are speakers with a sub woofer that folds down, a charger and USB and Firewire sockets. They are also good sounding and quite loud.