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Is it me or have I found a big bug in Vista?

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by metalmackey, 19 Oct 2009.

  1. metalmackey

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    I was running vista in a "high contrast" mode and decided to backup about 17gb of data to a USB HD. I started the copy and loaded IE to browse the net and I used messenger too. Flipped between various open windows a few times and I noticed the copy had got "stuck" and loaded task manager and the copy was not responding. I left it a min to see if it had defenatly crashed and it had. Tried again 2 times and same thing. Switched to normal areo display theme and tried again, it worked first time with me swapping between lots of windows too. I cant work out why high contrast mode causes it to not respond but it does:S
  2. _Jimlad_


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    i doubt it would be classed as a world wide bug, but maybe with your setup it is, could just be spiking when flipping, large USB transfer can be dodgy full stop, if i'm shifting more than 4gb i tend not to do much else on my pc.
  3. Phil2008


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    I have no trouble with transfering large stuff by usb, and Ive tranfered a few 100gb at once over usb while using the pc as normal. The only time it failed during copying is when the hdd overheated.
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  4. theheyes


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  5. Guest2


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    This. Backing up to usb external i just leave it running and not use the pc
  6. _Jimlad_


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    yeah i now use robocopy for large usb transfer
  7. Psy-Blade


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    You'll find that the 64bit version of vista is a lot more more accepting of copying files and using the pc at the same time. A nice RAID0 really helps though.