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Is there..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tres, 26 Oct 2007.

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  1. tres


    Joined: 16 Oct 2007

    Posts: 7,144

    Location: UK

    Hello all,

    Is there a market/for sale forum here?
    I know other IT sites have them, and just wondered if it was a hidden jobby due to lack of posts or something.

    Thank you!
  2. HamZilla

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 2 Nov 2004

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    Location: Watford, Herts

    FAQ Attack!
  3. Peter Diffey

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Feb 2007

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  4. Dave


    Joined: 30 Oct 2004

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    Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

  5. Basher


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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