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Italian sports cars for Mondeo money

Discussion in 'Motors' started by siztenboots, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. siztenboots

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    Remember the Top Gear episode challenge, well just for a little fun ...

    Maserati Quattroporte Evo V8/Silver/Black/RHD (1999) £12,995

    45,000 miles, (Grigio Touring) Silver with black hide & black carpets, FSH, 4 total owners, with optional automatic gearbox & heated seats, 1 of less than 50 RHD cars, 3.2 twin turbo, new MOT

  2. cymatty


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  3. paradigm


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    Except that ferarri will be pushing all of 14 ponies now, and will have the sub-frame integrity of mashed potato.
  4. saitrix


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    1967 Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA. :) 133bhp 1.6L, 740kg.
  5. Adz


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    That Quattroporte looks awesome! I bet even fox couldn't argue that it would be better to drive than a Mondeo.

    Bet it's a reliability nightmare :(.
  6. ob1


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    Saitrix wins, but at what price. That car looks too good to be true