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I've just had a great idea!

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Solouko, 29 Jan 2006.

  1. Solouko


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    ok ,we all know how stupidly loud the Delta fans can be... but whay not make that a good thing and put a K&N airfilter on it!!!

    just think, you'd have great airflow into your system but no dust!, K&Ns look pretty cool but there's so many makes of airfilter you could find one to fit any comp.

    anyway... i know it's a bit of a stupid idea, i'm just syprised i've not hurd of somone do it before (they probably have i mean, i've seen car radiators used in water cooling systems :p )

    here's another idea that's a little more technical, i'me very tempted to try this one later this week as soon as i can order a pair of Delta fans.
    i dont know how many of you will be familiar with resonance and phase shifting principles but if you have 2 frequency generators you can align them together to make a noise louder or quieter (thought of this one when discussing why we get crap reception on our mobils in work) but if you set one on a slightly lower frequenclty you get warbeling, and no mater what your original frequency you can adjust the second frequencey to create almost any frequency of warble.

    now... a delta fan is just a really loud frequency generator, it will prooduce a very dirty sin wave as the blades cross so if you had 2 delta fans side by side (or ontop of the other) one fitted with a speed controler you could potentialy produce this warbeling effect and have a very deep burble (possibly like an engine noise) and the more fans and speed controlers you could have a go at making it sounds like a V8 :eek:
  2. Jimbo Mahoney


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    You crazy guy....