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Jimmy Whites 2 Cueball problems please help

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by S-H-A-N-E, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. S-H-A-N-E


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    Please can someone help me i am having problems :)

    My system is as follows

    Win XP
    AMD FX 57
    Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe nForce4 SLi (Socket 939) PCI-Express Motherboard
    2GB DDR PC3200
    Leadtek GeForce 7800 GTX 256MB GDDR3 VIVO TV-Out/Dual DVI

    I am running the latest drivers for my 7800 GTX

    When game is installed i am getting the error message " Direct x does not support the windows version on the system"

    Also when i click on the game icon i get error " QSW16.exe"

    Can i get a patch for Jimmy Whites 2 Cueball

    The game runs fine on my friends xp machine

    Game says Windows 95/98-ME
  2. Rebel=UK=

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