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John Charles dies

Discussion in 'SA Archive' started by andi, 21 Feb 2004.

  1. andi


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    I have to admit to not really knowing who he was when I read the headline, but his records are amazing. How many modern footballers could hope to never be booked in their career?
  2. Tru


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    I only really learned of his exploits when Channel 4 did a Football Italia feature on him a few years back, I think when he was presented with an award from the Juve fans.
    A true legend, RIP.
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  3. Reesy


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    yeah i agree, not a single sending off or booking :) , then again it might have been very different the sending off and booking rules back then
  4. Hive

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    Dont know anything about him but he sounds a good player & ambassador (spelling?) to the sport.
  5. Big Kev


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    Was a good footballer in his day. RIP John.:(
  6. hethers

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    Re: Re: John Charles dies

    It was when men were men. A REAL blokes game in those days - hard but fair and definitely NO HANDBAGS! ;)

    Even the ball (a "casey") was harder (well, heavier anyway). Made of thickish leather with a rubber bladder inside and a lace to seal the gap. Waterproofing was courtesy of "Dubbin" although in wet weather the ball still got heavier and heavier whilst soaking up water. Just kicking it required a real man whilst heading, particularly high or fast moving balls, at times needed a suicide jockey. :eek:

    Yes, Big John was a REAL man indeed.
    RIP John Charles :)
  7. Gilly

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    RIP Gentle Giant :(
  8. Roughneck


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    Sad news , I read somewhere that he was voted sports person of Wales for ever. if you know what I mean

    Also a nice touch was Juventus paid for a air ambulance to take him back to the UK
  9. Davey_Pitch

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    The only other one I know of was Gary Lineker.

    Sorry to hear about this though, my thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP John :(
  10. Goatboy

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    I saw that too, I believe it was for the best ever foreign player at the club
  11. Nedved11


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  12. Deadly Ferret

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    Gary Linekar is the only one I can think of.

    /Oops, just saw post above by Davey. Evertonians think alike. :)

    RIP John.
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