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Just left my little girl at Uni - anybody else?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SexyGreyFox, 20 Sep 2009.

  1. SexyGreyFox

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 29 Mar 2003

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    Location: Stoke on Trent

    What a weird feeling, I feel numb.
    Her big sister is already upstairs swapping bedrooms around because she opted for a smaller one years ago.
    It seems strange that we will only see her now & then over the next 3 years :(

    Anybody else gone through this today?
  2. indup


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  3. jp_bl_68


    Joined: 3 Jan 2009

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    If your daughter's uni is just a train ride away then you might see her more regularly than you think. And you'll certainly hear from her a lot once she burns through the student loan.
  4. Sinque


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    Location: North East England

    No personal attacks

    I go off to university next year, I think i'll die without my mum feeding me :o I'm going to try move in with loads of women. I know it will be awful but atleast i'll get fed...
  5. Gaygle


    Joined: 7 Nov 2004

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    Location: East of England

    She'll be back for 6 months of the year. Don't worry, time flies.
  6. mac1st3


    Joined: 14 Jun 2009

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    Location: Southampton

    yea, girls tend to call/visit home more often, so I wouldn't worry too much, I know my mum was massively distraught when I was leaving :/
  7. Phog


    Joined: 8 Mar 2004

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    Location: Central London

    I used to be at home for little over 6 months of the year in my first and half of 2nd year. Prob won't be at home for as much in my 3rd (and final) year because got partner up here now.

    But she will come back and call often! :)
  8. Energize


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    Location: England

    Back to uni on the 20th!? I don't go back till next month. :p
  9. Deadbeat


    Joined: 26 May 2009

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    Your daughter is gonna have good times. Uni's the best time of your life, fact.

    Edit: 'Good times' not meant to be taken euphamistically.
  10. Maccy


    Joined: 23 Nov 2004

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    Location: Herts

    I'm off tomorrow, enrolling/Freshers week commences a week tomorrow!

    I was exactly like this, once you get there it's really not as bad as you think it will be - you get to eat whatever meal you like rather than having those meals that are given to you by mum/dad and you really don't want!
  11. Schnippzle


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    Location: here

    My little sister just moved out. Parents have already converted her room to a guest room :p Having moved out about 6 years ago myself, my parents are now realising just how empty the house is.
  12. Borden


    Joined: 14 Jul 2005

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    Location: Derby

    I move in on Tuesday, although i know loads of people who went today. Don't start lectures till the 4th though as i have 2 weeks of freshers :eek:

    I can tell my mum isn't looking forward to it. She's prepared loads of food for me to take. I'm not sure i'm going to have the chance to fully cook my own meal before i come back for Christmas :D
  13. pingwing


    Joined: 9 Apr 2008

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    Location: Bedford

    Iv tried this for 3rd year, lebian girls can cook well, the rest are messy buggers :( (took me half an hour to discover where the unclean tea spoons were hidden so I could wash one)

    On the plus its freshers pub crawl tomorrow :D

    So yeah iv left my self at uni from last thursday, been away too long really
  14. Azza


    Joined: 6 Dec 2005

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    Location: Birmingham

    As everyone says time will fly, last year went seriously fast for me.

    Brother starts tomorrow but he is staying at home as he is going to local uni, most of his friends are staying round her working and going to uni locally aswell.

    I got back a week on Monday. :D I actually managed to pass a year of Uni, and I broke a bone this year as well!
  15. Muffin`


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  16. SiD the Turtle


    Joined: 16 Nov 2003

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    Location: On the pale blue dot

    My little brother went to uni yesterday, strangely enough I think my dad was more upset than my mum, he must have called him a half-dozen times already today.
  17. platypus


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    Location: Rhône-Alpes+Cambridge

    Hope you left her with lots of condoms.
  18. cdcopyman


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

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    :o :eek:

  19. RandomTom


    Joined: 28 Sep 2004

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    lol, way to fill him with confidence. :p
  20. Marky


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    :eek: :p