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Just spent £1119.79 :)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Calranthe, 8 Mar 2010.

  1. Calranthe

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    Well I should correct that I placed the order on Saturday its still in the warehouse Queue, hope it gets here tomorrow (paid extra for morning delivery)

    Last time I made a large order was april 2008.

    After lots of advice here my order consisted of a 22" special edition Dell monitor, 2 Q6600's and various other parts to setup all the house pc's for gaming etc, along with a watercooling setup that was pretty nifty.

    Core systems stayed the same but I swapped out the 3870x2's for some Nvidia 260gtx's.

    Almost exactly 2 years later I decide its time to upgrade the machines and generally see whats what.

    Was concidering going to i5 or i7 but honestly no reason.

    My games pc currently is
    DFI X38 TR Motherboard
    Q6600 OC'd at 3.8ghz liquid cooled cpu temp never breaks 35c
    4gb DDR2 800
    Xfi pci express sound card
    1tb Samsung f1
    Zotac Nvidia 260 gtx
    Vista home premium 64

    After a dust off and check of the watercooling system (no discoloration, no corossion on any parts and no damage to pipes, thankyou Feser one) noticed that not even supreme commander 2/mass effect 2 or the just cause 2 demo on max takes my cpu above 60% usage, memory still holds stable at 60% usage even in sup com 2 skirmish with 7 ai players and max units, hell if I wanted to I could even boost the cpu to 4ghz easy with the above but nothing needs it yet.
    Only upgrades to the above is
    BenQ G2420HDBL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor
    1.5tb samsung f2 HD
    XonarDx2 7.1 sound card
    Coolermaster Sentinel Advance 5600dpi Gaming Mouse
    ** as soon as the new Nvidia cards come out im ordering a 470 GTX
    Windows 7 home premium 64

    Wifes current Games pc
    Asus p5e
    4gb DDR2 800
    Nvidia 260 gtx
    500mb samsung hd
    onboard sound.
    vista home premium 32bit

    She gets my sound card (pcie x-fi) my 22" monitor to replace her 19" asus a 1.5tb f2 samsung hd and windows 7 home premium 64

    Media pc (connected to a 37" lcd tv, bought a teco 37" cheapest 37" but it had enough connectors for ps3/pc/skyhd/xbox360/wii/ps2)
    Intel e6400
    Gigabyte p956 ds3
    2gb ddr2
    160gb hd + 250gb
    ati 1600
    Windows xp

    Its in a generic case atm switching it to a new antec 902 adding 4gb ddr2 800, 1tb samsung f2, using a 9600gt for a little while but once i get my new nvidia my 260gtx goes in there :) will overclock the e6400 to 3.2ghz or as high as stable on air.

    ** Just found out my order was on hold due to the logitech glide feet for wifes mouse are out of stock so i've cancelled them and the rest should arrive tomorrow morning YAY! day of messing with pc's.
  2. Alex74


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    Try SupCom FA for a benchmark. Much heavier on system resources than SupCom 2 :D

    Sounds like quite a haul there :p enjoy!

    This is assuming it's priced competitively for its performance bracket I assume..? (which on release it almost certainly won't be :p)
    Last edited: 8 Mar 2010
  3. evertonhero


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    nice 1 will have a decent setup there!
  4. Biz.Kid09


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    Good luck mate.....What did you actually order??