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Kolink Observatory Lite questions

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by SwarfegHead, 10 Aug 2020.

  1. SwarfegHead


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    So I'm looking for a case at the minute, with a bit of a constrained budget as I've already gonna bit past my planned spending with the rest of my stuff lol. I've been looking at the Kolink Observatory Lite, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding any thoughts/reviews on it. So, if anyone has any experience using/building in this guy, I would appreciate a bit of a hand!

    I've read some reviews of the full-size Observatory that mention the side intakes on the front panel don't have much clearance to actually take in air, as the front fans are mounted too close to the intakes. Looking at the pictures for both cases, it does look to me like the Lite has more clearance between the fans and front panel for air to actually get in to the fans. Do the front fans on the Lite have good air access? I know there is also a version with the mesh front panel, but I would prefer to go with the glass if the temp differences aren't too high. If the mesh gives me ~5 degrees cooler performances I'll stick to the glass looks, but I don't fancy building a glass hotbox!

    Also, the product descriptions for the case says the aRGB works with aRGB compatible motherboards, but I know some of the individual brands software can be a bit choosy, so does anyone know if the aRGB plays nice with MSI mystic light?

    Thanks in advance <3