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Laptop TEAC DW-224E-A

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by sWiZzLe, 15 Jul 2006.

  1. sWiZzLe

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    Evening all,

    My boss has one of these that is slowly dying on him. It started reading less and less DVD's, now it rarely reads anything!

    Most of the time it just flashes. All i really wanna know is, does anyone have or know where i can get firmware for this drive.

    Or.... does anyone know whether this drive can by Cross Flashed to something else, coz ive look absolutely everywhere for for firmware. Before you redirect me to the Dangerous Brothers website.... been there tried that, think thats only for the pc (non laptop) version. Doesnt work anyway

  2. errata

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    very easy for laptops lasers to get dirty, ctried cleaning the lens and removing dust from the moving parts?