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Laptop's touchpad button clicks are not working

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by octechno95, 8 Jul 2020.

  1. octechno95


    Joined: 24 Jan 2013

    Posts: 51

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 700 11ISK laptop (https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/yoga/700-series/Lenovo-YOGA-700-11ISK/p/88YG7000616) which is currently running windows 10 Home. The bottom left and bottom right corners of the touchpad have physical mouse clicker buttons but these do not work. A single finger tap of the touchpad will do a mouse click but a two finger tap does nothing.

    I've had the laptop for over 4 years but I don't recall this ever working. It worked with plugging in a wired mouse so it was always a job for the coming weekend....4 years later...and here we are.

    My first thought was to go to Lenovo's website and downloaded the latest touchpad driver (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/gb/en/...r-list/component?name=Mouse, Pen and Keyboard). I did this, restarted the laptop and thought this would surely fix it but it has not really changed anything. I have enabled the option to use the bottom left and bottom right buttons within the Elan touchpad software but sadly it still does not work.

    Is there anything within Windows that could be causing this issue? Any other suggestions to get it to work?
  2. mattyfez


    Joined: 12 Apr 2007

    Posts: 9,574

    You can adjust double click speed sensitivity in windows, if it's set to a really fast or really slow timing between clicks it may not be registering as a double click, just a thought...
  3. octechno95


    Joined: 24 Jan 2013

    Posts: 51

    Definitely not the issue as single clicks don't even work.
  4. FloppyPoppy


    Joined: 27 Jan 2012

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    Location: The king of the north!

    Have you accidentally FN'd the touchpad off?

    This is something you can toggle by pressing the FN button and F6 on your laptop. I would try that.
  5. octechno95


    Joined: 24 Jan 2013

    Posts: 51

    The touchpad still works moving the cursor around (using capacitive touch). It's just the physical click buttons under the touch pad in the lower left and lower right corners that do not work.
  6. Benass


    Joined: 8 Mar 2011

    Posts: 99

    Have u considered the possibility that entire mouse pad is not working and needs replacing?
    Sounds like it is if it wasn't working since new.

    Scour the internet for a price and if it's not expensive, replace it.