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Lightening Strikes Twice?

Discussion in 'The Football Stadium' started by guyfawkes5, 19 Apr 2010.

  1. guyfawkes5

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    At least he hasn't gotten a multi-million fine this time around, hey? :D
  2. Greenlizard0

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    "The striker had told prosecutors that the traces of sibutramine found in his tests were the result of slimming tablets given to him for his mother."

    "I'm not happy. A suspension this long for a laxative seems excessive," said the Fiorentina and Romania star, 31.

    Within the same article he's saying two different things? Furthermore, why on earth would you take somebody else's prescription of slimming tablets?

    The guy's a tool and very much a typical footballer looking at his past.
  3. Cosimo

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    Very much so and he'll end up doing something silly again.
  4. One More Solo


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    That excuse didn't work for Shane Warne either. :p
  5. G|mp


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    Silly boy, does he never learn? :/