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Limited mileage insurance - does DOC cover apply?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by mattyprice4004, 2 Jun 2010.

  1. mattyprice4004


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    Just pondering this really.

    I have a limited mileage policy but my Mum will be using the vehicle under her DOC cover she has as part of her insurance.

    Will this be included in the limited mileage I have, or not?

    I assume not as it's her driving under her insurance cover and not mine.

  2. thepeteh

    Wise Guy

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    I would have thought it would be included, as the indication you give your insurers at the start of your policy is the normally a mileometer reading? It would become a good getout clause for going over your milage limit would it not?
  3. [TW]Fox

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    Only your insurer can tell you this.

    Some state the vehicle may not cover more than x miles a year, others state that you may not drive the vehicle more than x miles a year.

    We dont have a copy of your insurance documentation and we don't know who you are insured with.

    Though quite why you'd not want the car used much to keep the miles off and then let your Mum cover so many more miles in it that you begin to be concerned about your mileage limit is beyond me.

    The cynic in me would consider the possibility you are preparing an excuse to the insurer as to why your car on a 1k a year policy did 10k ;)
  4. thepeteh

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  5. thepeganator

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    Most limited mileage insurance covers depending on the total distance the car covers in the year.

    Otherwise anyone could just say "I did xxxx number of miles on private land".