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LogicaCMG telephone interview - anyone had one or work for them?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lightbulb, 16 Jun 2006.

  1. lightbulb


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    I've got me a telephone interview for a LogicaCMG graduate role soon, I've been told I'm being considered for a Space and Defence role so was wondering if anyone had any experience of what they tend to focus on in their telephone interviews?

    Microsofts telephone interview is a pretty basic 10 minute affair where they ask you about a time when you worked well in a team, provided good customer service, how you are innovative, all in all about 5 or 6 questions on your character.

    Now, this LogicaCMG interview is going to be a 30 minute jobby, does anyone in the know or with previous experience of their telephone interviews know what they tend to ask about? Would it be your technical skills as well as soft skills and experiences, or would they focus on basic experiences and soft skills like the Microsoft interview? Will they ask about the Space and Defence sector (this sector was chosen for me as I selected the "Let logicaCMG decide the ideal sector for me/I don't care which sector I'm in," or something to that effect)?

    The reason I ask is that the roles vary widely depending on where I am placed within the company (e.g. support, development or consultancy) but, it would be great to know whether they want to know what technical knowledge I picked up from my degree, in which case it's time to hit the books again! :eek:

    TIA :)


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    I work for them but never had a telephone interview. I imagine it will be a psychological assesment interview to make sure you're not mad. ;)

    Good luck with it. They tend to be a good(ish) company to work for although there are plenty of other decent companies around.

    mention me and we can split the £3,000 intro. fee after 6 months if you like :D
  3. Parmesan

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    I had a telephone interview the other day, with a different company, I was given a small presentation on the company asked to answer a few technical questions. I was given certain situations and a choice of answers and had to choose the correct way to deal with certain situations.

    Was pretty straight forward, the call was also recorded, and then the people deciding wether i got the internship and job or not assesed my communications skills or something.

    Rang me back the following the day and offered me and internship and job.

    If you are doing the interview on your mobile I would suggest using a hads free kit, makes it a whole lot easier.