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Logitech G7 Question

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Steedie, 2 Feb 2006.

  1. Steedie

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    Hey guys

    im currently using the LogitechMX wireless desktop which has a wireless logitech keyboard (cant remember model) and the mx700 mouse

    the mouse is fantastic, but its looking worn now and also i really want a g7 they look so cool. But question is, if i get one, will the receiver for the wireless mouse and keyboard have problems with it (will it intefere, not work at all)

    Does the docking station also act as the receiver or is just a little usb stick that controls it

    reason i ask is i dont wanna get it then have to get rid of the keyboard as well as its got some very useful shortcuts and dials on it :)
  2. savage


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    as far as I know youll be fine . I have the G7 and a MX700 I use both the G7 for gaming also used many wireless keyboards and its made no difference.

    With the G7 you get 2 batteries one charges withe the other in the mouse . The one charging is in a small docking station type thing attached to a USB lead that has a dongle which slots in the docking station and as far as i know thats the reciever . Sound complecated but its just the poor way im writing it its not .

    Its a fantastic mouse as a gamer its been brilliant ,I use the other one for normal surfing you can easily change the settiings to make it slower for surfing just with your finger in an instant .

    Would definetly recommend it .