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Logitech K340 - ITT: My thoughts on it

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mrk, 13 Mar 2010.

  1. mrk

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    I just bought the K340 today to see what it's like as I am due to receive a Performance MX mouse so having a unified receiver to manage both would be nice and free up a USB slot.

    I currently own the diNovo For Notebooks keyboard.

    I also liked the unifying receiver, the Setpoint software in unified mode seems to have the ability to upgrade firmware on both receiver and attached devices now so looks like Logitech plan on adding fixes via firmware updates for future devices - a welcome first in my books!.

    I didn't like much else about it however, the keyboard was light and felt a bit cheap even though retail prices range from £30-£45, Compared to my weighty diNovo which now costs £49.99 at a popular PC store it felt like a big step down. Now on to the key press feel. The diNovo feels like a high end laptop keyboard but with slightly more key travel and raised lower keys (great for gaming) and I really like that feel and the keys are very silent in operation so late night forum trolling is taken care of with ease, wait did I say trolling? I meant conversations!

    The K340's keyboard (the same goes for all the other newer boards by Logitech in this class of key) makes too much noise on each keystroke, it's not mechanical clicky but dampened plastic clicky - the diNovo has a rubber mat below the entire row of keys so the noise is muted - on the K340 it looks as if the keys don't touch the red lining but instead hit the plastic stopper for each key and so make a louder than favourable noise.

    The other thing to not like about the K340 is that everything is combined or cramped together. The volume keys for example can only be controlled by holding FN and pressing the relevant button as these media keys are shared with the normal F keys. The layout of PIGUP, PIG DOWN and INSERT/END etc are all awkward too - I imagined myself getting used to this new layout but this is too much!

    The arrow keys are also half width so an annoyance - not even many netbooks stray away from standard sized arrow keys!

    I'm going to return it and wait for Logitech to release a unifying receiver version of the diNovo. I've tried many other Logitech keyboards during the diNovo ownership and none of them have felt like a step up or at least sideways to the diNovo.

    All of them however are fine for gaming and equally responsive.

    I have tested out the Microsoft boards in stores but they're all rather wide and bulky, the smaller ones are too rubbish feeling too.

    Once you go diNovo, there's no going back.....vo? Wait that doesn't work :/

    My 2 pence :p

    Pic for lols:

  2. Skilid


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    I have the same keyboard that you do now. The DiNovo. It is a lovely keyboard, but one thing ****es me off with it and that is that it doesn't have a damn Num Lock button!
  3. mrk

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    It does!

    [FN]+[PAUSE|BREAK] = Numlock on/off - I;ve disabled it as my numlock is on permanently.