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Logitech MX5000?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dokko, 22 Jul 2006.

  1. dokko


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    Anyone got it?

    Very interested but cannot find out how long the keyboard is, can anyone help me?

    I really wanted the Logitech G15 with the G5 mouse, but the keyboard is 21.5" long, and i only have 26.5" of deskspace.

    I'd like to leave 8" for a mouse mat, so will this keyboard fit?

    Also whats the bluetooth like? I've heard people suffering from it dropping out, and also its the battery life good for k/board & mouse (i will be using rechargable 2500's in the KB)

  2. ted34

    Wise Guy

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    The bluetooth isnt great once the drivers are installed for it. There are settings for the lcd display etc that seem to reset to default sometimes. The bluetooth receiver needs to be mounted outside of the comp case (not on an internal usb slot) otherwise it gets erratic. The battery life is very good though and both the mouse and keyboard have early warning indicators. Without the drivers the setup works great but if you want the extra features there are sometimes problems which will hopefully be fixed with driver update. Will measure keyboard when get home for you

    edit: length approx 60cm
    Last edited: 22 Jul 2006