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lol.. clearence processor price

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by salami1212, 29 May 2006.

  1. salami1212


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    AMD Athlon "Barton" XP3200+ 400FSB (Socket A) CPU - OEM (CP-058-AM)
    A new generation of AMD CPUs the AMD Athlon "Barton" XP3200+ features a total 640KB of full-speed cache memory - 128K L1 cache (64K instruction and 64K data) and 512K of L2 cache. Increased cache memory allows more information to be stored closer to the processor, leading to greater performance on software applications such as digital content creation, 3-D gaming, media encoding and office productivity. Featuring QuantiSpeed™ Architecture for Rapid Execution of Applications.

    By purchasing this CPU you agree to the AMD Warranty Guidelines.
    If you are installing a new CPU with a new heatsink you must follow the AMD installation guidelines
    If you are installing a new CPU with a previously used heatsink, you must contact support first with make and model of the heatsink.

    Price: £149.95 (£176.19 Including VAT at 17.5%)

    nuff sed :p
  2. Mikey1280

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    This must be the third or fourth time I've seen this already. REPOST
  3. t31os


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    Why would anyone wanna pay that much for an old barton?.....

    Its a bit too highly priced if you ask me.
  4. m3csl2004


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  5. Defcon5


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    Theyve stopped making them so they must be gettin pretty rare!
  6. m3csl2004


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    while were on the subject of dodgy pricing

  7. semi-pro waster

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    It is just a mistake in the pricing, I think the way the pricing system works is that if there isn't a price amended it defaults to some stupid value like say £12345.67 or it defaults to the old price before it was moved to Clearance section, this prevents anyone trying to take advantage of mistakenly low prices as was the case for Kodak(I think it was) a while ago.