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Looking for a mp3 player

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Curve, 27 Mar 2006.

  1. Curve


    Joined: 5 Oct 2005

    Posts: 75

    Hi people I am looking for a mp3 player that meets the following criteria:

    1. Allows me to store music like this:
    2. Takes advantage of album covers under “folder.jpg” in the album folder and displays that on screen.
    3. It has to have at least 30gb of space
    4. Rechargeable is useless to me as I travel very long distances.
    5. Good quality sound (I’m an audiophile :p)

    Possible needs but not major:

    1. Some sort of timed activation (If you have ever fallen asleep on a train with your headphones in this is a must)
    2. Acts as a removable drive much like a pen drive.
    3. Some sort of button lock

    Thanks for your help I know I am incredibly picky but to be honest I have had some rather crap mp3 players and I thought it was time to ask around.
  2. james.miller


    Joined: 17 Aug 2003

    Posts: 19,406

    Location: Woburn Sand Dunes

    i think a rockbox'd iriver h320 would cover all those, Somebody else can confirm that for you. Cant think of any others that would