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Looking for info on robots (servo based)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SIB, 7 Nov 2007.

  1. SIB


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    As any young guy growing up in the mid 70's should be, i have always been facinated by robots.
    My interest has been sparked up again after a recent shopping trip in Vegas where they had a product called "Robonova1" in a store we were in. Facinating piece of kit that you can program via basic or "catch and play" commands and his movement seems pretty amazing. Doing some further research, i've come across a few more that seem interesting, "Manoi" and "PLEN" (Especially PLEN, he can skateboard. Youtube it !! :D).
    Anyone got or used one of these kits? Are they like most gadgets, cool for 10 minutes until you get bored? Nearly bought on of "the bay" but was outbid at the last minute :(

    I know they aren't as "intelligent" as AIBOS (which i have owned in the past, the ERS 3) but they seem pretty good fun. Would value opinions of those who have used them before shelling out for one .
  2. NickK


    Joined: 13 Jan 2003

    Posts: 19,133

    I think you'll find that they're about as intelligent as the programming you do. i've programmed a turret with an onboard camera. Most of the systems are too slow todo the processing require to follow objects or be aware of objects around them.

    There's a whole 'art' or I should say degree behind control systems and it's quite mathematical if you're doing robot arms etc.

    Personally I'd save my money.
  3. Gas Panic!


    Joined: 22 Jan 2006

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    I'm currently working with Lego NXT for a Final Year University project. I'm programming it using Java (having flashed the NXT brick with leJOS, a Java VM of sorts). It's great fun, and around £100. Yes, it's Lego, but if you look past that you can make some really creative things with it (like automatic toilet flushers etc :cool:)


  4. paradigm


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    Yeah, the possibilities!!!

    Creative? Fail.
  5. ~J~


    Joined: 20 Oct 2003

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    Location: London

    I picked one up a few months ago, brilliant fun! I'm using the Microsoft Robotics language though. Don't think it's as powerful as your Java one but does open up a lot more possibilities.