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Looking to replace my faulty Steelseries Apex M750 - recommendations?

Discussion in 'Gaming Peripherals' started by Jasseh, 18 Jul 2019.

  1. Jasseh

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    I've had Steelseries keyboards since 2015, though this is the 3rd in that time due to each developing faults and being replaced by RMA (M800, M800, M750). This one has lasted the longest but some of the keys have become unreliable when typing and can require multiple key presses before they register.

    As I'm now well out of the RMA window I'm looking to buy a new keyboard to replace this M750 and hoping for some recommendations.

    • Mechanical keyboard
    • Wired
    • Including number pad
    • UK layout
    • Lighting (RGB preferred) that can be turned on/off easily
    • Suitable for both work and gaming
    • Ideally not too loud but usability is more important than silence.
    Media keys would be nice. Not too bothered about macro keys as my M750 doesn't have them and I'm used to not having any.

    Any recommendations? Ideally I'll be looking to order within the next week but I don't want to rush into a decision so will put up with the issues on this one for now.