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Low profile cards

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by freebooter, 7 Mar 2006.

  1. freebooter

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    I am thinking of making a low spec machine just for web and basic office stuff so my main pc isn't on all the time. I have seen a couple of mATX cases that look good however they have "low profile" card slots. My plan is to use onboard video so I probably won't need the expansion slots but it would be nice to have the option of upgrading to a basic graphics card or add a wifi card or similar.

    However, when I look I can't see any low profile cards for sale. I can see lots of cards that are small enough on the pcb bit but they have full size brackets. I find it difficult to believe that cases are made and sold which it is impossible to get cards to fit so what am I missing. Is it possible to get replacement low profile brackets?

  2. Nem

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    I've had the same problem and have ended up getting a card with a half height pcb and cutting the bracket down.

    I have however got an actual low profile x300 ati pci-ex card going spare. I wanted to use the onboard gfx for one monitor and the x300 to power the second. But the bios will only allow either or on the pci-ex slot and onboard. The problem then was that the x300 only has one dvi out on it. So I'm going to sell it.

    If it was any use to you post a wanted add in members mart and I'll reply and take it from there. Rather than selling in here anyway.

  3. freebooter

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    Thanks for the offer but I am just at the planning stage at the moment and the board I am looking at is agp anyway.

    I am just finding it strange that it seems almost impossible to buy cards to fit into these cases.
  4. Yewen


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    The add ons for these cases are never that common, the onboard graphics is usually all that they NEED.

    You can get, network cards, TV cards, SATA I and maybe II controller cards and the usual USB and Firewire cards.

    They are not meant to be used as gaming machines, there family PC's or second PC's.

    If you want high performance desktop style cases then you need to be looking at some of the Silverstone Lascala's.

    But if you want a box for the parents to use and your mates when there over to check there hotmail, then you cant get better than a ATCS 630b style.

    The card's are still available, however do not expect to find anything better than a FX5200 128mb for AGP.