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Madeleine McCann investigation 'cost £10 million to date'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lude1962, 17 Sep 2015.

  1. SexyGreyFox

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    Me neither but people are still doing this in their 1000s and 1000s.
    Leaving the kids sleeping while they sit a few (100) yards away.
  2. Dis86


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    Yarp. It's a hideously stupid thing to do.
  3. iamtheoneneo


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    They are selfish to the core, Leaving their children unattended for a lengthy period of time pretty much says as much.

    The manipulative ***** will have their time eventually, something will slip and the two will be put away.
    This is one of the most aggravating cases in a long time, and just shows what money and knowing the right people can get you.
  4. gjrc


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  5. asim18


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    Nothing confusing about my post. Evangelion was saying they simply went out because they were hungry. I'm saying it's not just because they were hungry. Because there are many other ways to quench hunger which don't involve the abandonment of your children.

    If you can even CONSIDER juggling gluttonous desires with child abandonment, they should not be anywhere near children. Also, if hunger is the only rationale (rationalisation) for such a stupid act of abandoning their children, then they also should not be anywhere near children.

    The real unforgivable thing is this girl had TWO parents. TWO! If having multiple rounds of tapas and getting drunk with your "friends" is top priority why did they even take their children with them.

    The more I think about this the angrier I get. I need to step away from this thread for a while.

    "A Meal with friends"?? I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that.

    If some "friend" invited me for a "meal" knowing full well it would mean leaving young children home alone, I'd be very suspicious of how much of a friend this guy really was.
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  6. PapaLazaru


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  7. Destination


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    I truly wonder what they can still be doing?
    If this all links into taking down some massive ring of child traffickers, it'll be great, and £85K will be small change for 6 months compared to the £10M spend thus far.

    Doubt the wee girl is ever going to turn up. Doubt we'll ever know what happened.
    Hope I'm wrong.
  8. StriderX


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    The real question that should be asked at this point is how many children could have been found with this money equally shared in effort for finding them?

    What a joke.
  9. Gigabit


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    Am I right in saying the sniffer dogs found her DNA in the boot of their car? How do the parents explain that?
  10. asim18


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    I don't know but surely sure any person's child's DNA would be in their car. Like hair/skin cells from dirty clothes put in the boot and stuff? I don't know though, could've been blood?
  11. rebel rebel


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    Dna and blood found in a car they hired after she went missing. Taking a broken freezer from the rented apartment to the dump. Using the hotel creche before and after her disappearance. Doesn't look good imo.
  12. Malevolence


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    Yeah, very dodgy. I can't speak for anyone else here, but if the the fridge/freezer in my holiday apartment broke then my initial thought would not be about lugging it to a local dump and then replacing it out of my own pocket. It would be about getting straight on the phone and contacting the complex's management.
  13. Deus Ex


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    £10,000,000 would have save alot of lives. 4 New MRI scanners, 7 state of the art CT scanners. Wages of over 300 nurses for a year.
  14. MooMoo444


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    Please stop urinating money down the drain on this stupid case :/
  15. Participant


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    What sort of message you do send to child abductors though, if you stop investigating when it's deemed too expensive? The business case for this is making it clear to all the weirdos that we won't give up and you won't get away with it.

    And the police have a separate budget to the NHS so all this 'we could have bought 4 MRI scanners' etc. isn't relevant.
  16. el_dazza


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    This is getting ridiculous now. Bet the Daily Mail are raging about it.
  17. antijoke


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    Well the McCanns got away with it
  18. Destination


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    He didn't really take a fridge to the local dump after she went missing did he?
    While still in Portugal?
  19. uber soldat


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    If I was a betting man id put money on the McCanns being the culprits. Too many things just dont add up.
  20. Terminal_Boy


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    This case could still be solved for the cost of a trestle table, 4 ratchet cargo straps, a towel and a bucket of tap water.