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Make up your own mind

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BIGbungle, 25 Jul 2006.

  1. BIGbungle


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  2. Efour


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    its Mc Donalds? lol
  3. Jonny69

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    Great to see the old chestnuts are still doing the rounds, cutting down the rainforests, recovering human fat from clinics to fry the chips in, etc etc!

    Years ago when I worked there some woman was protesting outside about the rainforests. So we went out there and asked her if it would be cheaper for us to go out to Peru or wherever, chop down acres and acres of trees, wait a few years for grass to grow, set up a network of farmers and abattoirs, then ship the meat halfway round the world, or if it would be cheaper for us to buy it from Scotland which is just up the motorway.

    She shut up then.