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Manchester Airport Flight Path Changed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Atomic, 12 Sep 2009.

  1. Atomic


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    I work in Stockport and usually the flights come right over Stockport. Really amazing to see the aircraft come in, but lately they've seem to be more towards the right when landing. Hard to say how much, maybe a mile to the right or something. It just seem so strange that all aircraft seem to be flying in differently and with only a few miles to land.

    Just wondering if anyone in the north west area has noticed this?
  2. Spitfir3

    Wise Guy

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    If they're going over stockport they'll only be landing on one runway as, from that direction, they can't land on the parralel runway. Looking at the NOTAMs the ILS (instrument landing system) is unservicable for a month.. so I guess that'll be it. I assume they'll be doing visual approaches or the VOR approach which will change which direction they come from etc.
  3. kibblerok


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    Location: Manchester

    Don't know if its changed - they look the same from work, however they seem to change at weekends and take off over my house

    They do have two runways running side by side though, not sure if they've decided to switch maybe and use the more easterly one to land? (Edit I guess thats not happening according to the post above)

    Although every time I've come in from from North East its been over Stockport - the one closest to the terminals
  4. Destination


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    I think wind direction plays a role.
    They take plaes off going into the wind as it requires less ground speed to achieve the same lift, most have perpendicular runways to allow for movements to address major changes in wind direction.

    This current anticyclone bringing good weather might play a role.