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Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dis86, 8 Sep 2020.

  1. James riley


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    My wife and I attended the Australian Pink Floyd concert at the Liverpool Eco Arena in 2014 I had with me a carrier bag with a six pack of beer in it I was stopped at the entrance to the arena and asked what was in the Bag when they seen what was in it it was confiscated that was not a problem for me so what the hell happened at Manchester arena the plumber had but pack which was obviously filled to the rim but he was still allowed to enter the arena then the foyer and then the performance space can somebody please explain the security of the Security at this arena to me it is obviously unsafe to let your family attend concerts at this arena
  2. Uhtred


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    Shocking isn't it. Thankfully Martyn's Law will address this but it's taking a ridiculous amount of time to go through.
  3. Nitefly

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    At the time, I don’t believe you needed tickets or pass through security to enter the arena. You only had to show tickets when you went to go to your seats. I might be wrong, but I saw a concert there before the bombing and distinctly remember not showing my ticket to get into the arena (which even at the time I found a little strange).
  4. Invertigo

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    The bomb was in a lobby area right outside the arena itself where it was linked to Victoria train station, so before any security points. Obviously the layout has been totally rethought now and this entrance is no longer in use in the same way, now instead being a security checkpoint outside the building.
  5. Amnesia


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    Golden oppurtunity for you to go strap on a backpack then!